I’m Anne Tindal and I love making jewellery in my small studio in Yorkshire. I started SilverCraftistry in 2019 following early retirement from a Research & Development career in industry. My creative streak showed itself very early in my life when I started making clothes for my dolls. I made my first outfit for myself when I was 10 years old from some red flowery material my mum had spare. I had to quickly learn how to make all types of soft furnishings when I got
my own house and was happy to turn my hand to DIY too.

I have always admired beautiful jewellery and wanted to learn more about how it is made and how it could be repaired. Early retirement was my opportunity to explore the world of precious metal and jewellery making. I worked with some talented teachers and soon developed a passion for working with silver, using traditional silversmithing techniques and creating from my own designs.

Inspiration for my designs can come from many different sources – nature has a big influence on me as do the geometric and clean uncluttered lines found in modern architecture. Sometimes the gemstone can dictate the design it requires and sometimes it’s the limitations of a particular technique that can drive a design.

All of my jewellery is handcrafted, I don’t work with wax models or multiple castings and many of my designs are one-of-a-kind so you know that piece is special to you.

I also work with clients to realise their own ideas or modify one of my designs to suit their individual needs, so please don’t be afraid to ask.

I work in sterling silver, sometimes incorporating copper, gemstones, fused glass or vitreous enamel in my designs to achieve truly unique pieces of jewellery. Only using reputable UK suppliers for my bullion and gemstones and when possible up-cycled and recovered gems from old jewellery. My makers mark is registered with the London Assay Office who ensure the quality of the silver before hallmarking.

Please enjoy exploring my shop and call back again soon to see my new designs.

Anne Tindal